The Crailise factor for the Talaria.


Merchant- Expert +4

  • Spices
  • Kuldun-craft
  • Alchemy-craft
  • Fabrics
  • Shipping

While the Talaria has never had the profit margin to keep a full time factor, even in her home port of Crail, Martin and Rozen have handled the (legitimate) business for her long before Loken Garro was even adopted.

The current generation carry on in their father’s footsteps, Loken Garro on the Talaria, and Maribel Martin on the docks of Crail.

A charming middle-aged woman, Maribel, the fourth Martin to helm the company, is as sharp and unyielding as her chubby curves are soft. She has two children, Janus and Rachel, who are currently working as a gopher and a small-clerk for the company, respectively; and her husband René, a soft spoken man with no interest in the business at all. Martin often jokes that René, a royalist chef of some fame in the city, married her to get at her spices.


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