Rondoni Bianco

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Rondoni Bianco

Day 95
The Talaria made it into port in Crail. Upon contacting the Talaria’s factor about the salvaged cargo Mrs. Martin informed the Rondoni Bianco, the owners of the salvaged cargo, that we were willing to return the cargo to them. Captain Garro received a invitation to dinner from Captian Onassi and Vaughn his factor. At the dinner engagement, Captain Garro agreed to take the cargo to an island near Barathi. The koldun on the island would pay the remaining balance with the delivery of the cargo.

Day 96
Rondoni Bianco’s purser arrived with deposit, a reward for returning the cargo, and charts for voyage. Isla deemed that with the time of year and location it would take 49 days to reach the island. Captain Garro procured a shipment of spices to trade on arrival. Lucian made note of his distrust of the situation.

Day 117
Isla informed the captain the she had a bad feeling about something. It was enough notice to get the deck on watch in time to spot a ship flying pirate flag. With the captains decisive orders, Fafhrd was able to repel the marauders. Isla’s navigation kept the ship from damage. The enemy ship was damaged and broke off attack. Captain Garro chose not to pursue chase and instead chose to continue on course.



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