Isla Garro

Girl Without a Past


Swashbuckling Forte:




Isla appears to be a woman of no more than 22 years of age. She has large metallic purple eyes. Her hair is unnaturally white. She is small in stature only 5’1" but do not let that fool you.

Isla Garro:
So Jacopo again you ask? I guess after three years of service I can say. Maybe you will leave me alone now? The story is kind of short.
So six years ago the Talaria came lake island of Isla A’ch’to’woh to refill it’s water supplies while on the long trip from Sha Ka Ruq back home to Crail. Former Catptin of the Talaria Lukas Garro, whom is your loss to have never met, requested that his son Captain Loken take him on a walk on the beach. An unusual request but Captain Loken was prone to humoring the old man when he insisted. As the captain helped his aging father walk along the beach the came upon what looked like white animal washed ashore. Upon closer look it was a woman laying unconscious on a small strip if beach. Captain Loken checked to see if I was alive. I seemed dead at first but, the moment Captain Loken touched me I seemed sputtered to life then promptly fainted. They brought me aboard. Doc and the old Captain nursed me to health.
I have no memories of before I awoke on the Talaria. Lukas Garro taught me everything about sailing. He even had Doc train me as a kolden. But the one thing, I warn all who work with me, remember Jacopo that in a fight or anything in this life my loyalties are to the Captain and his ship. Lukas Garro and the Captain could have left me on the beach to die. Instead, they nursed me to health and gave me a home and a family. It is debt I can never repay.

So is that why your hair is white?

Like I said I have no memory. If it was always white or became that way I do not know.

Isla Garro

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