Fafhrd Redmountain

As huge as he is, Fafhrd plays up the dumb giant angle. Most people don't realize until way too late.


Name: Fafhrd Redmountain
Foible: Impulsive; Secret: Outlaw
Motivation: Adventure — Good +2
Nationality: Viridian — Good +2
Past: Warmaster
Swashbuckling Forte: Warmaster — Expert +4


1. (Warmaster) Idiom: Fierce
2. (Warmaster) Dual Weapon
3. (Warmaster) Weapon: Broadsword (Greywand)
4. (Warmaster) Weapon: Poniard (Heartseaker)
5. (Skald) Storytelling


Miscellany: At the age of 14, Fafhrd was already six feet tall and could lift a grown sheep. He was going to the academy, everyone knew, regardless of his undeniable talents as a skald. Despite his wanderlust and impulsiveness, Fafhrd excelled in his years at the Academy, graduating to an Armsman’s position at CliffStrider Freehold. For over two years he served with distinction before striking down a Swordmate (and lover) in a fit of jealous rage.

Without thinking much, he ran from the situation rather than face his punishment for the crime of passion. Making his way to Magnusport he stowed away on a Colronan Frieghter, never to return to Viridia proper. As a mercenary and occasional rogue, he passed three years of hiding his brand and past before finally finding a permanent position as the Master of Guns on the good Talaria under Captain Garro, who asked few questions of the capable; he has held the position for three years- for the last year he has also been acting First Mate.

A huge man, Fafhrd usually coasts along playing the ‘big, slow ox’ people usually assume of large men. Most people don’t find that ‘slow’ is far from the truth- mentally or physically- until much, much too late.

Fafhrd habitually wears long sleeves, gloves, bracers, or some combination of the three. Under any of those is a last ditch bandage, artfully stained with blood. All of this serves to hide his Warmaster brand. Other than that, he generally likes fine things, but will not insist upon them, being equally comfortable in homespun. He prefers dark colors- they fade in the shadows better, and show less powder and blood stains.

Fafhrd Redmountain

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