Rondoni Bianco


Yr 377

Day 77
4 bells- cast off, two days late. M. R—’s cargo did not make it to the docks, hold 4 and 5 are empty. The deposit will not make up for the lost profit for those hollow holds.
12 bells 3/4 past- narrowly avoided a large zargazum, upshare to Ms. Garro for early detection. The channel should be clear for another three days, update charts at earliest convenience.

Day 82
20 bells 1/2 past- general quarters sounded. A small skiff was sighted to aft.
22 bells- return to quarters, double watch.

Day 83
1 bell 1/4 past- Mr. Emile spotted a ship afire starboard and blueward. He believes it is sinking.
3 bells- pirates repelled, three small skiffs. Port stubs, two portwing lines, port hull fire damage. Sinking ship might have been bait.



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